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Graduation Information

  • Applying for Graduation

    Applying for Graduation

    In order to receive your degree, you must file an application for graduation either through WebXpress or the Application for Graduation form available on the Registrar’s Office link of the SUNow Portal. Even if you do not choose to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must still file an application for graduation. Failure to complete an application for graduation may delay your graduation or put you at risk of not receiving your degree.


    Your application for graduation triggers the creation of a graduation record for you. Your name becomes part of a list of potential graduating students. There will be an official review of your academic record to verify that you have met or will meet all academic requirements for your degree program. Following the review of your record, you will receive notification about your graduation status sent to your SU email. You will also be able to receive email communication regarding commencement and other graduation events. There is a charge of $25 that may be paid by credit card when submitting the application online via WebXpress or may be charged to your SU account when submitting the paper form to the Registrar’s Office.


    • May and August graduates must apply by January 1
    • December graduates must apply by August 1

    If you have any questions concerning the application process or your graduation status please contact , Assistant Registrar, Graduation.

  • Diploma Information

    Diploma Information

    Diplomas are mailed to the address listed on the application for graduation. They are sent via standard U.S. mail the month following graduation. Diplomas are sent after all final grades have been received and degree requirements are confirmed complete.

    Diplomas include your name, degree, major, and academic honors, if earned. The date listed on the diploma reflects the end of the term when the degree is officially considered complete rather than the commencement date. Diplomas are 11 x 14 inches in size, and frames are available for purchase through the Campus Store.

    Alumni may request a replacement diploma through the Registrar's Office by completing the Replacement Diploma Order Form.

  • Graduation Awards

    Graduation Awards

    The Student Graduation Awards are presented at each commencement to graduating seniors who were nominated by a member of the campus community. Award recipients will be presented with their award at the Commencement ceremony. The nomination form can be found on the Portal.
    Orsia F. Young Leadership Award
    The Orsia F. Young Leadership Award is conferred on one graduating student from each academic school who has performed in an outstanding manner as a leader in the University community, initiated action, motivated others to do so, and has been an agent for positive change in the university.
    There is only one recipient for each of the following awards at each graduation:
    Stevenson University Pin
    The SU Pin Award is the most comprehensive honor the University confers on one graduating senior whose total personal performance is meritorious, including academic achievement, independence, integrity of thought and action, reliability, respect for others, and involvement in University or community affairs.
    Elizabeth McWethy Award
    The Elizabeth McWethy Award is bestowed from time to time upon one student who has demonstrated exceptional creativity, manifested genuine concern for society, and has actively influenced the lives of others.
    Marion and Henry J. Knott Achievement Award
    The Marion and Henry J. Knott Achievement Award is presented to one graduating student who has demonstrated the ability to achieve academically, to reach out to the needs of others at the University, and to persevere toward a goal while also managing major primary responsibilities outside the life of the University.
    Dean's Award for Exceptional Scholarship
    The Dean's Award for Exceptional Scholarship is conferred from time to time on one graduating student who has performed academically in a particularly exceptional way, has demonstrated unique intellectual ability and initiative, and has contributed to the academic pursuits of his or her peers.
    President's Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement
    The President's Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement is conferred from time to time on a graduating student whose total performance has been marked in a striking fashion by singular creativity and by the depth of his or her intellectual interest and performance in all subject areas.
    John Mitchell Award
    The John Mitchell Award is presented to one student who has demonstrated outstanding service to his or her community in a way that exemplifies the values of Stevenson University's mission.
    Dorothy Stang Award
    The Dorothy Stang award is conferred upon a graduating senior who best exemplifies devotion to the good of the wider community as reflected in the life of Dorothy Stang, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the founders of Stevenson University. Stang's commitment to bringing social justice to the underprivileged in Brazil led to her murder. The Stang Award honors integrity, courage in the face of adversity, and a willingness to act on convictions without regard to consequence. Embodying the most cherished values that an education from Stevenson University instills in its students, the recipient of the Stang Award reaches out to members of the community who have financial, spiritual, social, or cultural needs. Our recipient is a "reflective and accomplished individual committed to a lifetime of learning and contribution" (SU Mission Statement).
    Outstanding Part-Time Student Award
    The University's award for Outstanding Part-time Student is conferred on a graduating part-time student who has demonstrated commitment to higher education, the determination to succeed, a high standard of academic achievement, and has contributed in a tangible manner to the University while balancing many other personal and professional obligations.

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