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Institutional Research & Assessment

Office of Institutional Research & Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research & Assessment supports the design, implementation and analysis of institution-wide assessment efforts and institutional research efforts. The office provides information to faculty, staff, administrators, and students and manages the external reporting of data.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Support for institution-wide assessment efforts, including preparation for the institution's Self-Study
  • Support for academic program reviews
  • Reporting to external agencies (federal, state, regional)
  • Survey of alumni
  • Reporting of institutional performance indicators (e.g., historical enrollment trends, retention rates, graduation rates, student/faculty ratios, etc.)
  • Assisting with survey development and assessment planning
  • Assisting with administration of national student surveys (e.g. NSSE, CIRP, etc.), as well as preparing institutional summaries of those data
  • Oversee assessment process for faculty and course evaluations

Student FAQs for Course Online Assessment

How can the evaluations be anonymous if I have to log in to my email?
Although students will be accessing the link to the evaluation form through their Stevenson email accounts, the link is to a third-party site that will collect the data and provide reports to the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment. Individual identifiers are not reported.

I forgot my login and/or password. What can I do?
If you have forgotten your login or password to access your Stevenson email, contact Tech Connection at 443-334-3000.

Do I have to do the evaluations on campus?
No, you can access the evaluations via the internet from anywhere in the world. The program has been tested with PCs and Macs. Computers in the open labs are available to students and there will be a published schedule of reserved computer lab space for students to fill out course evaluations. A staff member will be available during those times to answer any questions or help students access their Stevenson email accounts.

How will I access the evaluations?
Students will receive an email in their Stevenson email account for each course in which they are enrolled. Within each email, there will be a link to the course evaluation form for that particular class. Student access to the evaluations will be available two weeks from the date of the email. Once the two-week window is complete, student access is deactivated.

How long does it take to complete?
On average, students take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete the form. Your time may be less or more, depending on how many comments you make or how long your comments are, or how much time you take to reflect on your answers.

What happens to my evaluation after I submit it?
After grades have been submitted, class responses, without individual identifiers, are summarized into a report distributed to the individual faculty member and his/her Division Director.