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Spirit Bridge Torn Exhibition Reception

Wed. Mar 29, 2017 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Art Gallery, Greenspring Campus


Gina Falcone Skelton introduces an exhibition of new work created in 2014 – 15.  The process that began as collage led to a new medium for the painter whose previous works are oil on canvas. As literal content was weeded out of her imagery, so were the visible signs of assemblage. She stopped thinking of new pieces as collage because, she says, “I had stumbled back into painting. The only difference was trading oil paint and brushes for paper torn with my hands.”


The works began with a 7" X 7" format. As dozens, and then hundreds, of the small pieces were completed, Skelton began combining them to “tell larger stories.” The largest of the nine works in the show contains 80 7" X 7"s while the smallest is made of just two. 

Exhibition on view March 8 through April 20, 2017




Matt Laumann 443-394-9699