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Art Exhibitions

Stevenson University’s Exhibitions Program is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering understanding in the visual arts through a wide and varied series of exhibitions and educational programs. Stevenson's three museum-quality gallery spaces, including the Art Gallery and St. Paul Companies Pavilion on the Greenspring Campus, and the School of Design Gallery on the Owings Mills North Campus, provide significant venues for artists and art patrons in the region and offers opportunities for students, artists, and the community to see established and emerging talents, learn through gallery talks and lectures, and celebrate the arts at music-filled receptions. Admission to the galleries is free and open to all.

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Current Exhibitions

Beyond the Medium: A Multidisciplinary School of Design Faculty Exhibition

On View: January 22–April 20, 2018
Where: Manning Academic Center Gallery, Owings Mills North Campus

Recent work by faculty in the School of Design featuring design, film, photography, painting, and other mediums.


On View: January 22-May 18, 2018
Where: Greenspring Art Gallery, Greenspring Campus

Artist Talk: April 12, 2018 5:45-6:15pm
Where: Greenspring Art Gallery, Greenspring Campus

All qualities are made up of vibrations. Those vibrations then dictate how we label ourselves and all we encounter–how we interact with the world. The intellect sorts our experience of those vibrations into dichotomies. But our dichotomies are not rigid: each quality inhabits a semantic field with three other components, not just one alternative. Rohini Ralby’s paintings, which consist of four panels each, depict the vibrations of each component in a given fourchotomy; for this reason, the paintings are called foursquares.

Exhibition presented in collaboration with the School of Design Our Many Ways of Being Collective.

The Pain and Power of Intersecting Identities

On View: January 20 - June 30,2018
Where: Manning Academic Center Creative Lounge, Owings Mills North Campus

Kimberlé Crenshaw in her 2015 Washington Post opinion piece described intersectionality as "…Vulnerabilities that reflect the intersections of racism, sexism, class oppression, transphobia, able-ism, and more."

This exhibition showcases the results of students’ explorations and examinations of their identities, and how the intersections of these identities impact their lives. Many of the photos represent identities that are seldom reflected in the media. Through the lens of reflective photography, and critical writing practice, students reveal and process both the power and the pain that lie at their identity intersections.

Stevenson University
Inside Out Project

On view: Through May 17, 2018
Where: Dawson Center (Outside), Greenspring Campus

Inspired by internationally recognized street artist JR’s large format street “pastings,” Inside Out gives everyone the opportunity to share their portrait and make a statement regarding an issue important to their community. It is a global platform for people to share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

Led by Assistant Professor Christopher Metzger, the project engaged Stevenson University students in a collaborative public art project that explores diversity and inclusion locally within our community and globally as citizens of a diverse and ever-changing world. The public art is on display on the outside wall of the Greenspring Campus Art Gallery.

Berlin: From Space to Place

On view: August 28, 2017-May 18, 2018
Where: St. Paul Companies Pavilion

Berlin: From Space to Place asks its audience to consider the intentional, inviting, isolating, and comforting aspects of built environments—specifically the city of Berlin, Germany.

Twenty-one students spent eight days documenting, researching, and capturing physical and expressive relationships they observed during a study abroad trip to Berlin in spring 2017. The photos featured in this exhibition explore Berlin’s built environment. The exhibition is thematically organized around relationships that exist between humans and built environments; between humans and natural environments; and between natural and built environments. Student-written exhibition captions accompany the photographs.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Film and Moving Image Coming Attractions

Reception: May 7, 2018 4:30–6:00pm
On View: April 27–May 11, 2018
Where: School of Design Gallery, Owings Mills North Campus

Original movie posters designed by graduating film and moving Image students will be on display in anticipation of the annual Film and Moving Image Senior Showcase. A joint reception will be held celebrating the achievements of the graduating Visual Communication Design and Film and Moving Image students.

Visual Communication Design Senior Capstone

Reception: May 7, 5:30–7:00pm
On View: May 4–August 1, 2018
Where: Manning Academic Center Gallery, Owings Mills North Campus

The annual exhibition of work from the Senior Capstone class showcases the talents of graduating visual communication design majors who conceive, design, produce, and install individual projects for the show as a culmination of their Stevenson academic experience.
A joint reception will be held celebrating the achievements of the graduating Visual Communication Design and Film and Moving Image students.

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