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Tips & Expertise

Quick Tips

When it comes to the Job Search, here are a few quick tips to reference to help expedite your search:

  1.  Get organized.
    Develop a mechanism to track your activity and follow up. An Excel spreadsheet can be your best friend.  Include the name of the organization, the contact person name, the method of how you found out about the job, the title of the position you applied for, the date you applied, your follow up date, the date of your interview, a list of who you met with and contact information, and a short summary of the company.
  2. Keep your resumes and cover letters organized.
    Since you will be applying to various positions and tailoring your resumes and cover letters, have a system in place for your organization files. 
  3. Do your research.
    Before you apply to an organization, do your research and find out about what they do, who they serve, what they value, and the issues they are solving. This will help you craft your resume and cover letter. It will also help you answer the question, “Why do you want to work for us?” 
  4. Manage your brand both online and offline.
    Be sure you are conveying the professional brand you want. Does your LinkedIn profile reflect the strengths you want to be using? Does it convey who you are as a person? Manage your settings on your Facebook page. Blog about subject matters that reflect your strengths and interests. Stay professional in your interactions.
  5. Network.
    Think about everyone you know, write down their names, and begin to contact them to schedule short meetings to discuss your interests and strengths. Ask them for advice on what type of work might be a good fit for your strengths and ask for additional referrals. Make two contacts a day.
  6. Consider joining a job search club or forming your own.
    Conducting a job search in isolation can get lonely and frustrating. A job search support group provides encouragement and also allows for members to share leads and expand networks. Celebrate the successes of members in the group. The Dependable Strengths Workshop offered by Career Services is one way to begin.
  7. Do a mock interview.
    Have someone, preferably a professional career counselor, conduct a mock interview with you. Make sure it is videotaped so you can both review it together and process areas for growth. The career counselors in the Office of Career Services conduct mock interviews with students and alumni.  The department also enlists the assistance of employers during certain times of the year. 
  8. Make frequent use of the Office of Career Services.
    The department can help you with each aspect mentioned, including helping you get in contact with hundreds of employers.

How We Can Help

Stevenson's Career Services staff works with you to develop the skills, experiences, and the confidence you'll need for a successful job search and success in your career. You'll also gain access to employers, events, and alumni that can help you during your search.

Expert career advice and individualized attention are vital for you to develop in your career. We maintain a comprehensive online recruiting system, Handshake, which provides you with information on jobs and internship opportunities as well as upcoming career events.

Career fairs and networking events are highly customized at Stevenson. Rather than hold large general programs, we host targeted career and networking events. Last year these included:

  • Sports Symposium
  • Nursing Career Fair
  • SteveTalks for Design
  • Corporate and Community Connections Career Fair
  • Tech Talk: A Recruiting and Networking Event
  • Women in Leadership Symposium
  • Veteran's Career and Networking Roundtable

To prepare you for your job search we provide guidance and support for:

  • Resume development and critique
  • Job search assistance
  • Networking techniques
  • Brand development
  • Mock interviews
  • Career assessment tools
  • Career counseling
  • Graduate and professional school preparation