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  • Be Supportive to Your Student

    Navigating college and thinking about post-graduation plans can be overwhelming. Your encouragement positively contributes to the success of your student.

Inspire and encourage.

Your student has reached a very important turning point in their life: choosing to pursue a higher education. Paired with this hefty decision comes the responsibility of fully committing to their learning, taking advantage of the campus resources available to them, and exploring their passions to develop skills that will be practical in preparing for their future career. Succeeding academically and thriving personally are two vital elements that each student should strive to achieve. Now it's time for you to help, too.

As a parent, your presence and active support play a huge role in the development and academic sustainability of your student at Stevenson University. Encourage them to visit the Office of Career Services and speak with one of our Career and Industry Specialists to learn how they can capitalize on their strengths. By honing those strengths, your student is discovering the types of things they like to do, the kinds of disciplines that inspire them, and eventually, the career pathways that most closely align with those areas of interest.

By supporting your student while they navigate the path to their future selves, you supply them with courage, motivation, and positivity. These qualities are critical to ensuring your student is well-adjusted, comfortable, and an active part of an environment where they can excel.